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doTERRA essential oils
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Want to better understand what essential oils are and what they are used for? 

These lines will give you a clear answer to that question. 

The trend of essential oils is strong, they are becoming more and more known and used worldwide. What exactly are these oils? What are they used for and how can they help you?

I will answer these questions in the following:


What are essential oils?
Even though essential oils are very old, and their use dates back to ancient times, you don't have to feel bad because you don't know what they are.

I understand! I too heard about essential oils 2 1/2 years ago. Believe me, before I didn't care at all, but now they are among the most essential things for my health and my family.

So, what are essential oils? Essential oils are those fragrant parts extracted from aromatic plants by various processes: steam distillation, hydrodistillation, cold pressing, and a few other procedures.

Essential oils are volatile liquids, pure and 100% natural if not modified and altered.

Here you can read more about the safest essential oils on the market.

In other words, essential oils are the fragrant essence of plants.


What are they used for?

Essential oils have been used since ancient times for natural health care.

So powerful and beneficial are these oils that their use has not only not gone out of fashion, but has become even more so.

They are generally used for:

- Health (e.g. detox,...)

- Therapy (e.g. aromatherapy,...)

- Well-being (e.g. emotions,...)

- Food (e.g. juices,...)

- Household hygiene (e.g. detergent,...)

- Natural fragrance (e.g.: air freshener,...)

- Body and face care (e.g. cosmetics,...)

See here the most used essential oil packs.


What can these oils help you with?

Most importantly, they can be a "first aid kit" for the most common health priorities you have at home and while traveling.


Essential oils are the fragrant essence of aromatic plants, they are used for many occasions, and they can help you with your most common health priorities.

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What are essential oils?

19 June 2022
What are essential oils?
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doTERRA essential oils
doTERRA essential oils
doTERRA essential oils
What are essential oils?
What are essential oils?
What are essential oils?

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