Today (24 February 2022) came with some worrying news about a possible imminent war between Russia and Ukraine.

 Russia has announced a military operation in Ukraine and Ukraine is announcing a possible major war on the European continent. Hours later, the Ukrainian President introduces martial law throughout Ukraine.

 War has begun, but so has the isolation of the aggressor in the Kremlin. After the US and Germany, Japan imposes sanctions on Russia, including a ban on the issuance of Russian bonds in Japan and an asset freeze on certain Russian citizens, plus travel restrictions to Japan.

 Meanwhile, Red Army tanks are within 150km of Kyiv. Already hundreds have been killed as a result of last night's attacks.

 "To anyone who would think of intervening from outside - if you do, you will face consequences greater than anything you have seen in history," Vladimir Putin said on a TV broadcast made at 6 AM Moscow time.

 Romania is preparing to receive tens or hundreds of thousands of refugees.


How do we relate to health in these tense situations?

 It seems that quality health care is increasingly unaffordable for many people due to high bill costs and current restrictions. Not all people can pull large sums out of their wallets at this time.

 What can we do in this situation? How can we take care of our health when medium to small problems occur that need urgent improvement?

 How do we relate to our health care in the event of War? What about when such care will be increasingly inaccessible and the queue longer and longer?

 I know that some problems in our lives press us and can sometimes lead us to despair, but we have to be calm and think about what we can do, and if we don't know solutions then we have to look for them. 

 We have families, children, and loved ones to take care of, we cannot run out of solutions! Solutions exist, don't give up!


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  Daniel Cozma

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War between Russia and Ukraine?

24 February 2022

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 Today (24 February 2022) came with some worrying news about a possible imminent war between Russia and Ukraine.  Russia has announced a military operation in Ukraine and Ukraine is announcing

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