Oh, yeah! I know that more and more people are searching the internet for remedies for pain and other health problems they have.

 Let me tell you something about this pain that plagues all of us at some point and gives us headaches.

 So what is pain?


 Pain is unique, individual, and perceived differently by each of us.


 Don't you like pain? Who does? But think what your life would be without pain! Did you know that there are people who, because of a serious illness, don't feel pain and that they live very, very short lives!

 Yes, without pain we would live a little! Think about it, pain taught you as a child to stay away from all those factors that cause pain. Remember when you got burned? That experience made you more prudent, more careful.

 Pain teaches us many good things. It is pain that protects our lives by teaching us.


 So is pain a curse or a blessing?


It depends on how much you let this pain enter your life and control you.

How much do you let her into your life?


Types of pain


1. Physical/biological pain

 Physical pain can be mild, tolerable, or chronic. You know, pain affects all the finer... We have animals and humans. If I were to ask you which of these categories experiences more pain, what would you answer?

 I guess that humans have more pain than animals, because not only do humans have physical/biological pain, but they also have the inner/emotional pain that accentuates the former.


2. Inner/emotional pain

 Physical pain and inner pain are at the same point in our brain. That's why when we feel physical pain we also feel inner pain. 

 Inner/emotional pain is not to be neglected, but must be released through the tool of speech. If we don't release it then it will release itself in sensitive areas. If we have a predisposition to depression then it will be released there, if we have a predisposition to a certain illness then it will be released there...

 Release through speech is the solution.


Do you want to manage physical and emotional pain naturally?

Here are some tips:


- Diffuse essential oils for emotional health (see oil pack).

- Soothes local pain with Wintergreen oil.

- Sign up as a doTERRA member and benefit from the support (see packs)



  Daniel Cozma

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Remedies for pain

07 February 2022

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