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doTERRA essential oils
Uleiuri esențiale doTERRA l Uleiuri doTERRA l Produse doTERRA
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doTERRA essential oils
doTERRA essential oils
doTERRA essential oils
Frequently asked questions

How can I create or modify the LRP order?

- Visit mydoterra.com. Click on "Create a New LRP Template" or edit products in an existing LRP order.


How can I cancel my Loyalty Reward order?

- You can cancel your LRP order at any time by calling/emailing romania@doterra.com. dōTERRA Customer Service will help you redeem the free product points you have earned. If you cancel your LRP order you will start again with 10% rewards when you resume placing LRP orders consistently.


What if I want to return a product?

- If opened or used, dōTERRA refunds 90% of the purchase price and 100% full refund for any unopened product within 30 days of purchase.


Can I have more than one LRP order?

- Yes. If you need to place more than your monthly order, simply change your LRP order and run it again, regardless of which day(s) of the month you choose. Set up as many orders as you like. Don't forget to cancel any orders you don't want to receive the following month.


When can I use the points for the product?

- You can redeem points for products within one year of earning them.


How can I be reimbursed 100% of the shipping cost?

- 50% of shipping will be refunded in the form of product points when placing any LRP order. The remaining 50% will be refunded in the form of product points if the LRP order is processed online without calling customer support.


How can I make the most of dōTERRA's special offers?

- Place an LRP order of at least 125 PV (personal volume) between the 2nd and 15th of the month. This way you can receive the Product of the Month for free and take advantage of any promotions. Pay attention to the correlation between PV and price, as many special offers are linked to PV and start on the 1st of the month.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get 30% back in credits for FREE products?

- The loyalty rewards percentage increases over time from the first month you order after signing up.

- The starting percentage depends on the package you started with. Regardless of the percentage you start with, you will increase by 5% every 3 months until you earn the maximum 30% LRP rewards.

Frequently asked questions

How can I redeem my Loyalty Reward Points?

- In your virtual shopping cart, select "Use Points" for the products you wish to redeem with Loyalty Reward points. New points are added on the 15th of the following month after placing each order.

What does BOGO mean?

BOGO is an acronym for Buy-One-Get-One Free offers. BOGO offers allow you to buy two oils for the price of one.


How can I find out about BOGO offers for dōTERRA Europe?

Prior to the start of each promotional period, BOGO offers will be announced via email and via doTERRA Europe's official social media channels. Once the promotion is active, a BOGO offer will be presented individually each day (although all offers will be available for purchase during each promotional period). Like our activity on Facebook and check out the offers on the Facebook post stream.


How long do BOGO dōTERRA Europe offers last?

All offers are available from the first day of BOGO week, 18:00 BST/ 19:00 CEST/ 20:00 EEST and last until the last day, 18:00 BST/ 19:00 CEST/ 20:00 EEST or until stocks last. If you want to participate, your order must be placed and processed during the BOGO promotional period. This means that BOGO Offers cannot be saved on the Loyalty Order (LRP template), however, your order can be processed as a Loyalty Order if processed on the spot. 


Which markets are eligible to participate in BOGO dōTERRA Europe offers?

BOGO dōTERRA Europe offers are available to all consultants, members and clients exclusively in the European market.


How many BOGOs can I buy?

Each individual BOGO offer is limited to five per account, unless otherwise specified.


Can I combine BOGO offers from multiple days to save on shipping?

Yes! At any time during the promotional period, you can combine multiple BOGO offers into one order to save on shipping.


How do I know if my order has been placed and processed?

An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address attached to your dōTERRA account.


Are BOGO orders eligible for loyalty points?

Yes, points are earned according to the usual rules and guidelines. Loyalty orders (LRP orders) that are processed with a minimum of 50 PV will be awarded points based on the member's current percentage. Points are based on the PV of the item purchased (not the item you receive for free). For example, if the promotion were "BUY Lemon (15 ml), GET TerraShield (15 ml)", you would receive loyalty points based on PV for Lemon (15 ml). 

LRP orders processed with less than 50 PV do not receive LRP points.


How do I buy Limited Time Offer (LTO) items on my loyalty order (LRP)?

In order to order Limited-To-Order (LTO) items on your loyalty order, you must have at least one other standard (non-limited-order) item on your order when it is processed.


Can I pay for a BOGO item with loyalty points?

No, items purchased with points do not qualify for the BOGO offer. However, points can be used on the same order that BOGO items are on to purchase products that are not part of the current BOGO offer.


Can I pay for BOGO items by bank transfer or direct debit?

Yes! However, if the funds to pay for your order are not received by the end of the BOGO period, you may not qualify for the promotion. If possible, we recommend processing BOGO orders immediately, using a credit card or cash account balance, to ensure you qualify for the promotion. 

Frequently asked questions about LRP (Loyalty Reward Program)

Frequently asked questions about BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One free)