More and more people are hearing about doTERRA, in other words, the products of the world's largest essential oil company.
 Of course, it's worth knowing more about the story behind this great company and seeing who the people behind it are.

 For starters, doTERRA is the world's largest essential oil company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The marketing and sales system behind it is the network-marketing system. doTERRA was founded in 2008 by a few dedicated people with a vision to provide people with the best of nature through bottles of essential oils.

 The founders of the company are David Stirling, Emily Wright, David Hill, Corey B. Lindley, Gregory P. Cook, Robert J. Young, and Mark A. Wolfert. Stirling, Wright and Dr. Hill.


The back story

 doTERRA's founders started by investing almost everything they had in the company, unwilling to accept funding from sponsors because they wanted to own 51% of the company's shares plus control.  


 Why didn't they accept?

 They didn't accept because the quality of the essential oils would have been affected because those sponsors wanted sales and strategies that would bypass the quality of the products.

 So they decided to finance the company on their own, investing almost everything they had. This decision was a tough one for them, especially since that year was the great real estate crisis that shook the world.

 By going through the hard times, making progress, and hoping, they managed to get the biggest company in the essential oil industry off the ground. Thanks to them we can have the highest quality essential oils on the market in our homes.


doTERRA Founders - Quotes

"I remember not telling my kids that I didn't have a job and was trying to start a new business, but that my dad was working on a project in the basement." - Greg Cook


"When I look back thinking about doTERRA, it's completive to me the impact it's having globally." - David Stirling


"We believe our work has a great purpose. How could we stop?" - Emily Wright


"Our mission hasn't changed, our purpose hasn't changed. We still believe in those important things that were at our inception. If doing good was important then, doing good is important now. If extracting oils differently and doing what wasn't done before was important then, it's important now." - Dr. Hill



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About doTERRA

11 April 2022

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11 April 2022
 More and more people are hearing about doTERRA, in other words, the products of the world's largest essential oil company.  Of course, it's worth knowing more about the story behind
13 March 2022
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