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11 April 2022
 More and more people are hearing about doTERRA, in other words, the products of the world's largest essential oil company.  Of course, it's worth knowing more about the story behind
13 March 2022
 Listen to me! I want to assure you that what I have written here is safe, effective, and real. This online business with doterra is a business that has brought
24 February 2022
 Today (24 February 2022) came with some worrying news about a possible imminent war between Russia and Ukraine.  Russia has announced a military operation in Ukraine and Ukraine is announcing

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 For those who want to reduce daily toxicity, with flavored products it's easy to get started. Saying goodbye to synthetic fragrances in candles, air fresheners and similar products don't mean you have to give up the wonderful scents you love. doTERRA has brought powerful air fresheners together, creating the Aromatouch Diffused Kit Collection. With this kit, you'll feel good about taking the giant step to reduce toxicity.

Aromatouch Diffused Kit


Full price: 236,00€

Membership price: 177,00€


Family Essentials Kit

Full price: 166,67€

Membership price: 125,00€

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doTERRA not only carefully collects the essential oils but also carries out a lot of tests on them before they are put into bottles. These tests are not hidden but are public, so you can check each batch of essential oil by finding out their tests, verifications, compositions, and geographical sources.

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